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Automating Healthcare Industry with Extensive
Medical Software Australia

Interfuse Technologies has a commendable journey of serving clients with Medical software and Healthcare IT software solutions. Healthcare software solutions companies have simplified the entire working methodology right from patient care to analytics because of which newer heights are achieved every day. Being serviceable in the industry for almost 20 years, we have broad experience in handling various technological requests. Interfuse Technologies has several privileges in the healthcare software system because of its in-house healthcare management software solution connect. It is a combined health information system that provides health analytics, business intelligence, and patient relationship management. We support healthcare-associated companies in their digital transformation journey.

  • We provide an end-to-end software solution that fulfills the requirements of all medical practice administration.
  • We give tailored healthcare solutions for every section of the healthcare division to make sure everything works properly.
  • Give assistance in securing patient data by patient management software, simplified data flow, and compliance with healthcare values and principles.
  • Our healthcare information technology software authorizes every healthcare sector to use cutting-edge healthcare technology.

Medical Software Solutions

Interfuse Technologies is one of the best healthcare software companies in Australia, providing leading medical software solutions and EMR software for the Australian healthcare industry. The tech experts at Interfuse Technologies are proficient at providing IT healthcare consulting and services as well. Not only consulting, but we also support businesses with managed IT services in healthcare. A couple of our major contributions include cloud migration, software, and apps for healthcare, clinical analytics, medicine stock management, etc.

Healthcare IT Software Solutions

Interfuse Technologies professionals give the best medical software solutions for health systems to help in keeping a record between doctors, patients, and other health physicians. Enrich your present eRx, EHR/EMR, LIMS, billing & RCM, etc with our technology of software by integrating HIE (Health Information Exchange) Software Solutions functionalities. HIE solutions follow IHE, HL7, CDA, CCD, QRDA, DICOM, NwHIN, and other monitoring healthcare technology communication ethics.

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 Medical Software Solutions We Provides

Interfuse technologies is the best Medical software and service provider in Australia to support Healthcare Organizations.

Billing Software

  • Claim scrubber

  • Remittance advice

  • Manage inventory

  • Demand Forecasting

  • Report and analysis

  • E prescribing

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Clinical Software Solutions

  • Appointment scheduler

  • Prescription print

  • Store photos and x rays

  • Diagnose and treatment records

  • Medical scheduling

  • Patient statement and collections

  • Report and analysis

  • Patient registration

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Advanced Medical Tools

We provide the best solution to Enhance the medical imaging experience for patients & doctors with cloud-based applications with customizable options

  • Radiology software solutions

  • Cardiology software solutions

  • Pathology software solutions

Configuration & Installation of Medical Software

General Practitioners

  • Medical Director

  • Best Practise

  • MedTech

  • Pracsoft

Denta practice software provider


  • Dental for Windows

  • Romexis into Client and Server Database

  • Vixwin and Gendex (Xray Viewing Application or Dental)


  • Intelered PACS

  • Sectra PACS

  • Hyland PACS

  • NORAV (BP Application)

  • AI Imaging Tools

Importance of Medical Software in Healthcare Industry 

Better Patient Experience

We have seen huge lines in medical centers, particularly in developed nations during the COVID times. A dedicated healthcare software solutions can help in streamlining the complete process. Dedicated medical software will allow patients to type in their own information prior to their first appointment by utilizing a patient portal. A patient portal allows you to send reminders to patients via text message, email, or even voicemail. Patient management software utilize the portal to order prescription refills, check on the latest lab test results, and even get reminders about upcoming appointments or procedures they need to schedule.

Electronic Health Record

Electronic Health Records changed the very way how faculty used to access the reports. Initially, paperwork was the norm in the market but these digital vaults are great. The complete visibility can be confined to individuals. So, you can able to decide who can and who cannot view the reports. Medical Data Management software is a much more secure way of data handling for healthcare systems. You can further contact the doctors or staff members located at different locations. This allows immense flexibility to carry out the operations effectively.

We Provide Medical Software Solutions in Australia to


Specialized medical software,
general medicine software,
allied health check software,
multidisciplinary methods,
ultrasound and x-ray clinics,
and healthcare legal firms.


Public hospitals,
private hospitals,
non-profit hospitals,
imaging and ultrasound software,
and multi-site software


Dental professionals,
oral maxillofacial software,
denture clinics,
and dental cosmetic clinics.

Our Healthcare Software Systems Partners Australia

Interfuse Technologies works with software and hardware partners to provide healthcare technology solutions that are easy to use and easy to deploy.

Our Healthcare IT Software Solutions Focus Areas

Medical communication software


Improve healthcare communications through technology optimization.

  • Improve Scheduling
  • Telemedicine
  • Between Clinicians
operation software


Revamp your healthcare operations with innovative technology solutions.

  • Easier Data Tracking
  • Faster Results
  • Collective Decisions
Medical Data security


Enhance your brand value by strengthening data security in storage and management.

  • Spot suspicious activity
  • Protect patient data
  • Secure Compliance
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Medical & Healthcare Software Solutions We Offer

Healthcare Integration

Unlock a combined view of patient’s data across EMR and EHR systems, e-prescribing systems, laboratory information systems, and external PHR systems, and support data extraction in formats HL7 and CCR.

Custom EHR/EMR

EHR / EMR software assists healthcare providers to maintain patient medical records and automate clinical workflows. EMR is a broad enhancement over past paper-based methods. EHR systems act as virtual assistants that organize and prioritize workflow.

Medical Imaging: RIS-PACS

Radiology PACS and RIS help the radiology department or radiologist to improve the management of patient data, enhance visualization, speed up communication, safely manage critical results, and track radiation dose.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Enable monitoring of patients outside of physical clinical settings, which can increase access to care for patients and decrease healthcare delivery costs for your healthcare business.

Fully Featured Healthcare Management System

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Our Healthcare Software Services & Solutions

Medical Software

Our team of healthcare experts provides high quality healthcare software consulting services to choose the right software. We have a group of experts on enterprise medical software platforms, digital innovation, and business operations.


We are highly skilled in building strong enterprise applications to direct complex & advanced software needs and executing your digital transformation lifecycle. We provide extensive tools to solve healthcare challenges.

Healthcare Solutions Enhancement

Optimizing the healthcare software system is crucial for better productivity and quality performance. Our team of developers can enhance and upgrade healthcare solutions in modules and security with new custom components.

Dedicated Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance team can resolve the challenges of disrupted workflow. We guarantee the quality of our products with numerous levels of quality testing, usability, performance, localization, and security testing.

Why Interfuse Technologies For Medical
Softwares Australia 

  • 10+ YEARS of niche healthcare expertise

  • 50+ experts in 3 geographical locations

  • One of the fastest-growing companies in Australia

  • HIPAA/HITRUST compliance

  • ISO-9001 certification for quality management

  • ISO-13485 certified for medical device development

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