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Interfuse Technologies provide the best cloud based practice management software assists physicians in efficiently managing their practices. This software can help physicians track patients, billing, financial information, and more.

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Cloud Based Practice Management System Software Australia

Interfuse Technologies deal with providing premium cloud based practice management software to the healthcare industry in Australia. Its primary goal is to assist with the organization’s administrative activities, the streamlining of appointment scheduling, the simplification of invoice preparation and invoicing, and the patient management system in Australia. The Integrated practice management system software solution is focused on healthcare for better progress of healthcare businesses and attains the aim in a shorter duration of time.

Features available on Integrated Practice Management Software:

  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Treatments plans
  • Medical billing
  • Fully Integrated EMR
  • E prescribing
  • Appointment remainders
  • Lab report Integration
  • Patient portal
  • Tele Health video calls

Why Choose Medical Practice Management Software Australia from us 

integrated practice management software

Improve Patient Experience

Use patient portal widget integrated with your establishment’s website/mobile app to allow doctor appointments and access to medical records, and send patient reminders and notifications (email/SMS) in local languages.

patient management software Australia

Patient Management 

Patient Registration, ADT (Admission, Discharge, and Transfer), Bed Management/Bed View, and Patient Communication are all part of the appointment scheduling process by the cloud based practice management software .

practice revenue cycle management

Revenue Cycle Management

Packages, Rate/Discount Management, Credit Notes, Deposits, Claim Submissions, Medical Coding, Claim Reconciliation, and Remittance Advice are all part of the Cash Credit Billing process which is available on clinic practice management software for easy financial control.

clinical practice management software Australia

Clinical Features

Outpatient EMR Pending Prescriptions Dashboard, Inpatient EMR (Notes, MAR, Clinical Documentation), OT-EMR, and the EMR View of consolidated electronic medical records are some of the features available in clinic practice management software.


Sales, Purchasing, and Inventory Control (Adjustments, Transfers, Indenting) .which help to make purchasing decisions depending upon the need to avoid stocks and wastages by easily predicting the needs of medicines in Australia.

clinic practice management software

Data Security

Keep sensitive medical information safe and secure to avoid it being lost, destroyed, or interfered with. Different access levels can be granted to ensure that no one gets access to sensitive or unnecessary information with servers in Australia.

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Patient Management System & E-Prescribing

  • You can remotely manage your patient’s prescribed medication from anywhere at any time by patient Management System Software.

  • E-prescribing records that track prescription fulfilment from the pharmacy can be used to confirm your orders by cloud practice management software

  • Integrated prescription data sent straight from the EHR can aid in preventing prescription fraud by cloud based practice management system.

  • Helping patients obtain the necessary drugs more quickly with online practice management software.

  • Send electronic prescriptions to your patient’s neighbourhood pharmacy so they can start taking their drugs more quickly.

Increase Patient Engagement

Easy access to the patient’s portals helps patients leads to access the data and do appointments and have more interactions with the doctors in Australia through cloud based medical practice management software Australia.

Clinical Management Software

Our Medical Practice Management System Software Australia has simplified various processes like storing patient data, patients prescriptions, X-ray reports etc.  An advanced scheduling system assists with staff-level issues, including overbooking in Australia. Also, some patients may cancel their bookings or the doctor may not be able to reach them at a time, so scheduling software can assist in communicating well thus saving a lot of time for both the doctor and patient. Clinic Practice Management Software Australia helps your business to simplify appointment scheduler, prescription print, store photos, x-rays, diagnose and treatment records, medical scheduling, patient statement and collections, report and analysis, and patient registration.

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Online Patient Management software

We provide Medical software solutions for the practitioners in Australia to give medical advice to the patients online which helps to save lots of time when patients are not able to come physically.

  • Tele health Video Call feature.
  • Forms available online (for client intake and more)
  • Processing of payments

  • Online reservations

  • Templates for communication

  • Confirmation of appointment display

  • Clients on the waitlist

  • Clients can have a two-way SMS conversation with you.

  • Clinical Notes Templates

  • Connections to other important systems

  • Analytical practise

Appointment and effective features

The highly configurable appointment scheduling software is packed with features and efficient workflows that allow you to work effectively while maintaining a clear picture of what’s going on in your clinic of doctor appointment scheduling software.

cloud based practice management system
practice management software system

Clinical Notes

Digital Medical practice notes help to record and review later data at any time this helps to less paperwork with secure online storage. Digital handwritten notes are available on specific devices by our clinic practice management software Australia.

Detailed Billing

Our advanced billing system helps to manage invoices and payments securely. Our software is highly customizable to make the process simple with altering options according to the needs by integrated cloud practice management software

integrated practice management software Australia
practitioner & patient management software

Direct Communication

Communicate with patients individually and in bulk with SMS, emails, and through applications. Also can stay connected with people within the Organization through the chat functions by clinical management software.

Online Booking

Our software helps to book the appointment with minimal administration. This helps patients to book appointments 24/7  faster through the online patient management portal by best practice medical software.

practice management system

Lab Report Integration

Report Integration helps to easily maintain the data on the portal which helps doctors and patients to see their reports at any time online by cloud based medical practice software.

Why choose Practice Management 
Software Australia from Interfuse?


Practice management software (PMS) is a type of software that helps medical and healthcare practises run smoothly. Its primary goal is to aid in the organisation of administrative activities, the streamlining of appointment scheduling, the simplification of invoice preparation and invoicing, and the management of client or patient medical information.

  • Calendars for visits
  • Database for clients
  • Notes from the clinic
  • Patient communication
  • Uploading of test results
  • Appointment reminders through text/email
  • Reporting on finances

Daily operations management, business planning, records management, client communications, hiring and managing staff, ordering and managing equipment and consumables, ensuring regulatory compliance, invoicing and debtor management, and, of course, appointment and calendar management are all examples of practise management tasks. These responsibilities and tasks are distinct from the clinical roles that are the foundation of the clinic’s actual health care services.

  • Fast and simple software to take away the medical practice complexity.
  • Easy patient and doctor communication.
  • More focus on the patients than the management .
  • Software with higher privacy control over the doctor’s patient reports

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